Friday, January 11, 2013


  • New immigrants move to cities because it was cheap and lot of jobs.
  • What law was enacted to decrease Chinese immigrants to us Chinese
  • the meat inspection act Upton Sinclair's book the j
  • they came by steamships
  • the gentleman agreement did what decreased Japanese immigration and or desegregated  class room.
  • the smaller unied sinter
  • The social reformers
  • the main purpose of amercaniztion,so they can learn american culture
  • industrial workers of the world lWW was organized by radical unionists, socialist.
  • the illegal use of political power for personal gain is graft.
  • this new mettal allowed the us is steel.
  • reilroads to help train traviler
  • tenement
  • what would best reduce was competition
  • theses people how work for less money are called scabs
  • electricity
  • patronage is putting a friend into a jod

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