Friday, December 21, 2012

The new American Immigrant


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Labor Unions Emerge

1. Based upon what i have read labor unions were good because they tried to get better working conditions  for all the workers. they also tried to get higher wages because they were not being paid enough to survive.

2. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory was a sweatshop in which 146 seamstresses died because of the poor conditions in which they worked in and burned inside. These deaths could have been prevented if they had more things for fire safety like sprinklers fire escapes and if the conditions were not that bad.

3. Monopolists did not want unions because that would mean that they had to pay their workers more improve benefits, and improve working conditions. Union workers did not like scabs because they would do the same work as them for even less money so it did not help them.

4. Many factory and sweatshop owners disliked the vision of unions like the IWW because they were socialists and the monopolists did not like this because they wanted to be the only rich people and not share their wealth.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Are The Old Bosses Still in Charge?

1. What is the setting for the cartoon?
(A) The Senate

2. What entrance is opened and which one is closed?
(A) The entrance for the monopolists is opened and the entrance for the people is closed.

3. Who do you think the large men represented ?
(A) I think they represented special interest groups.

4. Why would the large men be in the room in the first place?
(A) The large men were in the room because they were rich and held power to create laws.

Hopelessly Bound to the Stake

1.What were the pieces of information you chose?
Workers had to work hard for long hours and got paid very little.
The workers would end up in debt with the company.
Workers would be replaced with other people who would work for less.
2.Were labor unions neccessary? Why?
Labor unions back then were neccessary because they would improve the work conditions
and wages over time. Even though at the beggining they did not seem to work.

3.Did the Government help make monopolies? How? 
The Government did help to make monopolies because they made laws with very little power to stop the rich from making monopolies. They also did not have any laws to protect the workers so they were underpaid and worked in bad and dangerous conditions.

4.How did money in politics contribute to this cartoon? How has this changed? 
Money in politics contributed to this cartoon because the rich would get the laws to be helpful to them only while the workers had to suffer in those conditions. It has changed now because workers have more rights and are protected now by laws that keep them from being overworked.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Rise of Industry & Monopolies

There are three main causes of the growth in America which was the wealth resource, Government support for business, and a growth in urban population that provided both cheap labor and markets for new products.

Trusts and monopolies during America’s early industrial age created less payment for workers, less money for Americans and more money for corporations. Corporations could break the law and nobody would do something about it. Monopolies would only work for reach people, the corporations and the people in charge of them never care about who would they hurt by their way of winning money they would only care about the profits that they would get.