Monday, March 25, 2013

TGD - How TGD Affected People of Color Pt.1

Why did Pedro Gonzalez become a Mexican American hero?
  • Gonzalez was brave to talk about racism on the radio.

Why was Frances Perkins a hero for women?
  • She was  America's first female cabinet member & women to be in government.

What is the Black Cabinet", and who was the leader?
  • Black Cabinet” was influential African Americans to advise the Roosevelt administration on racial issues.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Great Depression : Hoover

Herbert Hoover, a Republican president in the beginning of the Great Depression, was ineffective in his response because his ideas for getting people financially back on track did not work. For example, he raised prices of crops to help the farmers raise more money.This did not help the economy, nor did the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, since it only benefitted large corporations.

Farmers burned their corn, wheat and dumped their milk on highways rather than sell it for a loss. Some farmers refused to work their fields. They even blocked roads to prevent food from getting to the market so that the food shortages would raise the prices. During that time the farmers had used force to prevent foreclosure.
    Other people like the ones in the Bonus Army marched up their and demanded for their money. The Bonus Army consisted of World War I veterans and their families.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Great Depression : Hardships & Suffering

Describe the Dust Bowl. What caused it?
  • It was a dust cloud filled with dirt. The dirt seeped into everything in its path. At first, it was a drought; then, farmers got rid of their landscape because the land wasn't suitable for farming.

Describe how TGD affected: A. child
A. Children, B. families, C. women, D. men, E. people of color.

  • A.Children didnt go to school, they went to work or go get work.
  •  B. Since money was tight for families many families entertained themselves by staying at home and playing board games, such as Monopoly and listened to radio.
  • C.Women had to start working.
  • D. Men had diffculty finding working and searching for their families. Some men became hoboes.
  • E. African Americans and Latinos were the lowest paid and had the highest rate of unemployment.

 Who were "hoboes", and how did they travel?
  • Hoboes were men out of work and they travel on trains and got rides from stranger.
What was an enduring effect on people because of TGD?
  • Fro meny of  people the poverty and of haveing to scrimp and save. Also achieving financial security because the primary focus in life

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


1. What was the prohibition?
 Prohibition was banning of alcohol.

2. What groups were responsible for the idea of prohibition?
The group that were responsible for the ide of Prohibition was Socila Reformers.

3. What were their reasons?
reason were that alcohol led to crimes, wife and chiled abuse, accident on the job, and other social problems.

4. How did people get illegal alcohol
 People get illegal alcohol by underground.

5.What do you think?
 I think it was a a bad idea because it caused more trouble because it made people do it illegaly.

Recreation in the U.S

1. When and why did Americans begin to recreate?
  • Americans began to recreate during the 19th century. They began to recreate to fight of city congestion and dull industrial work. They enjoyed amusment parks, bicycling, new forms of theater, and spector sports.