Friday, March 15, 2013

The Great Depression : Hardships & Suffering

Describe the Dust Bowl. What caused it?
  • It was a dust cloud filled with dirt. The dirt seeped into everything in its path. At first, it was a drought; then, farmers got rid of their landscape because the land wasn't suitable for farming.

Describe how TGD affected: A. child
A. Children, B. families, C. women, D. men, E. people of color.

  • A.Children didnt go to school, they went to work or go get work.
  •  B. Since money was tight for families many families entertained themselves by staying at home and playing board games, such as Monopoly and listened to radio.
  • C.Women had to start working.
  • D. Men had diffculty finding working and searching for their families. Some men became hoboes.
  • E. African Americans and Latinos were the lowest paid and had the highest rate of unemployment.

 Who were "hoboes", and how did they travel?
  • Hoboes were men out of work and they travel on trains and got rides from stranger.
What was an enduring effect on people because of TGD?
  • Fro meny of  people the poverty and of haveing to scrimp and save. Also achieving financial security because the primary focus in life

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