Tuesday, April 30, 2013

“WWII Across the Atlantic Ocean"

1.Who was the supreme Commander in Europe and was he sucessful?
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower, and because an Unconditional Surrender
2.What was the the significance of "D-Day"
  • It was the first invasion with allies in france.

3.Was Gen.Patton an Effective leader?
  • Yes, He lieberated France against Nazi's
4.Why was the battle of the bulge significant?
  •  Hitler's Last chance to get victory

Friday, April 26, 2013

Copying with the War at Home

1. What was the OPA, and what was their job?
-The office of price administration OPA.

2. What was the purpose of the OSRP?
- To bring scientist into the war.

3. In what ways did Americans scarifice during WWII?
- They didn't have shoes, meat, milk, They didn't get the things they needed when they needed it.

4. How similar or different were your sacarfice during the iraq and afghanlstan wars?
- Didn't have to sacarfice anything.

Monday, April 22, 2013

U.S. Slowly Moves Towards WWII

1. What was Lend-Lease, and what countries did it benefit?
- The president would lend or rent weapons and supplies to "any country whose defense was vital to the United States". The Soviet Union and England benefited from it.

2. What did Roosevelt call German U-boats?   
       - Roosevelt called U-boats rattlesnakes

3. How would you describe Roosevelts opinion of war?
   - Well at first he was neutral but was supporting the Soviet Union and England by giving them weapons and supplies. But then Japan bomb in Pearl Harbor and that's when the U.S. entered WWII

Thursday, April 18, 2013

WWll Key Term

1. Allies-A state formally cooperating with another for a military or other purpose, typically by treaty.


2. Axis- A straight line about which a body or geometric object rotates or may be conceived to rotate.


3. Defence Spending-A military budget of an entity, most often a nation or a state, is the budget and financial resources dedicated to raising


4. Unemployment Rate-The percentage of the work force that is unemployed at any given date.


5. Federal Outlay-Are not treated as receipts or outlays.


6. Rattlesnakes of the Atlantic-(Number 7) 


7. German U-boats-German submarines

8. Isolationists-Policy of "mind your business"

9. Appease-To give in

10. Lend-Lease Act-Law that allowed President of the United of the States (POTUS) to sell weapons to our friends

11. Office of Price Administration-U.S. federal agency, established to prevent wartime inflation.

12. Inflation-When prices for goods/service increases but income remains the same

13. Pres. Franklin D. Roosevelt-Leading the United States during a time of worldwide economic depression and total war.

14. Pres. Harry S. Truman -After Roosevelt died, Truman lead the United States and successfully concluded World War II. Which after marked the start of the Cold War.

15. Phillip Randolph-Leader of the African-American civil-rights movement, the American labor movement and socialist political parties.


16. Gen. Patton-General in the United States Army, best known for his command of the Seventh Untied States Army, and later the Third United States Army, in the European Theater of World War II.


17. Gen. MacArthur-Commanded Allied forces in the Pacific Theater during World War II.

18. Gen. Eisenhower, Supreme Commander of U.S. Forces-Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in Europe; he had responsibility for planning and supervising the invasion of North Africa in Operation Torch and the successful invasion of France and Germany from the Western Front


19. Adolph Hitler-Germany, Nazis


20. Benito Mussolini-Italy


21. Joseph Stalin-Soviet Union/Russia


22. Winston Churchill-England/United Kingdom


23. Battle of the Bulge-The last stand for Germany


24. D-Day-Offensive by Allies to take over Europe


25. Auschwitz-Jewish concentration camp


26. Atomic bomb


27. Interment-Camps on West Coast used to detain Japanese Americans


28. Income tax-Percent of tax paid on personal income (paycheck)


29. Wage & price controls-Commonly instituted by governments as a response to inflation, and usually below market level.


30. War bonds-Debt securities issued by a government for the purpose of financing military operations during times of war.


31. WAACs-Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WWAC) was created as an auxiliary unit.


32. WWII Battles of the Pacific-


33. GI Bill of Rights

WWll part 2

List all the countries the Nazi's invaded?
1. Austria
2. Czechoslovakia
3. Poland
4. Yugoslavia
5. Bulgaria
6. Greece
7. Romania 
8. Hungary
9. Lithuania
10. Latvia
11. Estonia
12. Finland
13. Norway 
14. France
16. the Netherlands 
17. Belgium
18. Soviet Union

2.What was Munich Agreements, and what was  Churchill's opinion of it?
On September 30, 1938, they signed the Munich Agreement, which turned the Sudetenland over to Germany
without a single shot being fired.

3. What is Blitzkrieg, and what was the purpose?
Blitzkrieg made use of advances in military technology, such as fast tanks and
more powerful aircraft

Friday, April 12, 2013

The Help

The Help is a movie film of the novel by Kathryn Seductively , that talks about African American maid and how the white people of Jackson Mississippi , show how the south tried to limit African Americans equality or as they say sarpit but different. The maid in the movie The Help tale there side of working for white young women and how the treat them and abuse them, as if they were still in slavery.

In one incident in the movie, is when African American were bron, they new what they were going to be when you grow up, and African American were pay less money work more hours. Most black family were not able to pay there bill because of the how much money the were getting. So when they couldnt serve off of the little money they were getting most children had to drop out of school to help pay the bills.

In another incident if black people were not allow to make books about any thing that has to do with working for white people. In this movie Emma Stone how plays Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan  help the African American maid tale there side without getting in trouble with the goverment. When they people they work for are grow kids how have babys and they dont take care of them.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Great Depression REF.

#13 Which of the following was a goal of the New Deal?
- I got this one wrong because I was too question and pick answer.

#14 which of the following most directly responsible for creating new jobs and putting people to work?
-I was not being careless

#15 Who wrote the novel The Great of Wrath about the grim lives of Oklahomans fleeing the Dust Bowl during the Depression?
- I was very confusing with this question.

#16 __claimed that the New Deal polices were inadequate and proposed a social program called Share_Our_Wealth.
-Too quick to chose

#17 How many states were part of the Dust Bowl?
-Was not careful.