Friday, April 12, 2013

The Help

The Help is a movie film of the novel by Kathryn Seductively , that talks about African American maid and how the white people of Jackson Mississippi , show how the south tried to limit African Americans equality or as they say sarpit but different. The maid in the movie The Help tale there side of working for white young women and how the treat them and abuse them, as if they were still in slavery.

In one incident in the movie, is when African American were bron, they new what they were going to be when you grow up, and African American were pay less money work more hours. Most black family were not able to pay there bill because of the how much money the were getting. So when they couldnt serve off of the little money they were getting most children had to drop out of school to help pay the bills.

In another incident if black people were not allow to make books about any thing that has to do with working for white people. In this movie Emma Stone how plays Eugenia "Skeeter" Phelan  help the African American maid tale there side without getting in trouble with the goverment. When they people they work for are grow kids how have babys and they dont take care of them.

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