Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pop Culture 1950's

1. What media exploded in the 50's and how did buisness respond to this explosion?
-Television exploded and some buisnesses benfitted but not all.

2. Why did critics not like television?
-Women and minorities werent allowed on television. African Americans and Latinos were rarely on television and this had a big effect on children.

3. Whats so ironic about rock and rooll music in the 1950's?
It was created by African Americans but consumed by whites.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The American Dream 1950's

What were some causes for the baby boom?
  • Some causes for the baby boom was the war was over and love ones came home and wanted to start a family.
What did Americans have to do in order to support all the new  babies being bron?

  • Had to make more jobs, new school and homes.
How did the role of women change in 1950's?
  • Women were considered homemakers and the role was glorified in society. They were also refered to as "key figures in all suburbia ... keepers of the suburban dream.
What change allowed the American car explosion to occur?
  • Easy credit terms and extensive advertisement persuaded Americans to buy cars in record numbers causing the American car explosion.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Truman's Labor Policy

1. What were some of the significant challenges pres. Truman faced after WWII?
Some of the significant challenges truman faced were that 12 million soldiers return to look for jobs, African Americans wanted equal rights and people who sacrified to defeat the Nazis and Japan wanted to end the rationing and shortages of consumer goods.

2. How did Truman try to help returning G.I.s get jobs after WWII, and how effective was he? Explain your opinion.
He was effective because he help by including a minimum wage, guaranteed employment, medical insurance, housing aid, improve benefits for war veterans and wage and price controls

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The American Teenager of the 1950's

1. How did the lives of teenagers change after TGD and WWII? Explain.
-Because they were introduced to new products that were making teenagers spend there money.

2.What is "White Flight" was it good for society? "
-The white flight was good for the white people but not good for the minoritys.

3.Why did many mexicans immigrate to the U.S before the 1950's
-Because they have better jobs and they were in a program to help them.

Postwar America 1950's

1. What was the u.s economy like during WWII? How were Americans doing?
  • The economy was really bad because people were dieing or becoming really poor.

2. How did the American economy transform after the great depression and WWII?
  • People learnd how bad it can be if the graet depression came again so people started changing how they lived.

3.Why would a company like google not do well in the 1950's
  • Because eventually there would be something better then google and google wouldnt last.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Boy in Striped Pajamas ~ Analasis Question

1.The father was so secrevtive about about why the way the family moved because he didn't want them his family to know hes a bad person and kills jews.

2. Brunos taught about the jews was evil and started the war.

3.The event significant to Brunos mother thinks that jewish people are not what they make them out to be.

4.Brunos father evelved and tranformed from a loving father into a monster, because he took his family to a place were they are unhappy and hes killing the jewish.

5.The kind of boy that bruno was at first was nieve and he transform into a bad little boy hows alway doing something.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Japanese Intrnment & Justice

1. Why were Americans afraid of Europe?-The Soviet Union created a political system called communism and most believed that it was a threat to the way the United States did things.

2. What did the Russians want in Europe?
- Russians encouraged communism and they wanted to rebuild Europe's economy using their materials and goods. They also wanted to use Eastern Europe to control the United States' influence on the Western part of Europe.

3. What did Americans want in Europe?- The United States wanted to recreate European governments so that the US can gain new markets for new goods. They also meddled, wanting to reunited Germany, thinking that Europe would be more productive if Germany were together again.


Friday, May 10, 2013

The Study Guide

The G.I. Bill of Rights made it possible for Veterans to do what?
  • attend college for free
What happened to the paychecks of African-Americans during the war?
  • African-Americans did really well economically
What three things did the U.S. do to fight war time inflation?
  • income tax, wage/price controls, war bonds
Who organized a protest against discrimination of Blacks in defense companies?
  • Phillip Randolph
An example of racial tensions in L.A. during WWII led to what?
  • Zoot-Suit Riots\
Strong anti-Japanese-American feelings after Pearl Harbor led to what?
  • Internment of Japanese-Americans
Which General liberated Paris, France from the *****?
  • Gen. Patton
Truman decided to drop the atomic bomb on Japan because
  • Truman wanted to end the war and save American lives
 Who led the allied troops to victory in Bataan, Leyte, ?
  • Gen.MacArthur
The Allies were
  • U.S., Great Britain, Soviet Union
The Axis were
  • Germans, Italy, Japan
*What year did the unemployment rate peak?1933
#2*Unemployment was lowest in what year?1944
#3Which government agency was created to fight inflation?Office of Price Administration
*What year did the unemployment rate peak?1933
#2*Unemployment was lowest in what year?1944
#3Which government agency was created to fight inflation?Office of Price Administration

What year did the unemployment rate peak?1933
#2*Unemployment was lowest in what year?1944

Thursday, May 9, 2013

WWII in the Pacific

1.Who promised to "return" to liberate the Philipines?
  • Douglas MacArthur

2. What reasons did the POTUS use for using atomic bombs?
  • He wanted peace and saved houndreds oof Americans. He thought that if they throw the bombs Japan would surrender and after the secound bomb they did.

3. In 1942, why were the Allies under-strenght to fight Japan?

Japanese Interment and Justice

1.What does the word "interment" mean to you?
  • Confinement-meaning they were trapped or prisoned during wartime 

2.Why were Japanaese Americans interned in Manzanar?
  • Because the japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and they sent all japanese race to a concentration camp because they thought every japanese were spy's

3.Why were Japanese interment Policies wrong?
  • Old woman and children were given curfews and people "workers" who disobey orders were stabbed and shot

The End of WWII

1.Was Gen.MacArthur a successful general?
  •  Yes,he captured the prime minister also defeated,bataan,leyte,and iwo sima

2.Explain how successful the G.I Bill was to returning?
  •  You'll get paid education as in free College education. You'll get paid College education

3.Why were Mexicans in L.A infairly treated after the war?
  •  They were beated up by sailors