Monday, December 17, 2012

Hopelessly Bound to the Stake

1.What were the pieces of information you chose?
Workers had to work hard for long hours and got paid very little.
The workers would end up in debt with the company.
Workers would be replaced with other people who would work for less.
2.Were labor unions neccessary? Why?
Labor unions back then were neccessary because they would improve the work conditions
and wages over time. Even though at the beggining they did not seem to work.

3.Did the Government help make monopolies? How? 
The Government did help to make monopolies because they made laws with very little power to stop the rich from making monopolies. They also did not have any laws to protect the workers so they were underpaid and worked in bad and dangerous conditions.

4.How did money in politics contribute to this cartoon? How has this changed? 
Money in politics contributed to this cartoon because the rich would get the laws to be helpful to them only while the workers had to suffer in those conditions. It has changed now because workers have more rights and are protected now by laws that keep them from being overworked.

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