Friday, January 18, 2013

Spanish American War

a.  Why did Jose Marti destroy US property?
  • He wanted to provoke the US into war because the gurilla's wanted freedom in Cuba.
 b. Who did the de Lome Letter criticize? What were the consequences? How did the letter become public?
  • The letter criticized President McKinley and said he was weak and only did things for his image. Cuban rebel stole the letter and gave it to a yellow journalist.
c. Who was the winner of the Spanish-American War and what did they receive?
  • The United States won the war and they received Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.
d. How was the Spanish American War connected with American Imperialism
  • The United States wanted more land, so they fought the Spanish, who were in the process of annexing. 
 e. How was the war started? Was it proper?
  • Numerous things started the war, someone blew up a ship, yellow journalism, de Lome letter, and public demand. I do think it was proper because someone already made an attack at them.

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