Wednesday, January 23, 2013

China & WW1


1. Wich country's intrest did the Open Door Policy in china favor?
  • United States
2. What were the reasons behind the Boxer Rebellion?
  • Chinese martial artists did not want foreigners in china.
3. List three causes of World War I?
  • Nationalism, Imperialism,Militarism, Fromation of alliances
4. How did the U.S. deal with Greman U-boats?
  • They had all American ships guarded with military vessels.
5. What was the Selective Service Act used for?
  • It required all men to register into the military and                                                                             that they could be picked to go at any time.
6. What new weapons did WWI introduce?
  • The tank and the airplane.
7. How did Espionage and Sedition Act affect Freedom of
     Speech and Labor Unions?

  • It gave the government the right to fine people and sentenc them to up to 20 years in jail for saying anything bad about  the war. it affected labor unions because they were found guilty of the is the went on stike for higher pay.
8. Why was there opposition to President Wilson's League of Nations?
  • Some people felt that the U.S. should mind there own buisness                                                      and others thought it would push the U.S. into anther European war.

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