Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The U.S. After WWI

1.Describe the feeling many American had after the WWI?
  • Americans felt horrible after the war, they had to work more. They were tried of the war.
2.What were some reations by Americans to their post WWI feelings?
  • They were afraid of outsiders, they practiced nativism and isolationism. They had a fear of communism too.
3.What did the Palmer raids acomplish? Why did palmer do the raids?
  • He was going after political radicals. He was affraid of communism.
4.What did the KKK fear? Did their membership grow in the 1920's?
  • Their numbers grew by almost 600%. They feared that the African- Americans, jews and everybody else would be treated equally.
5.What was the quota system?
  • the quota system was made to limit the number of immigrants coming over to the U.S.
6.Was the quota system discriminatory?
  • yes the quota was discriminatory to people in Eastern and Southern Europe mostly Jews and Catholics.
7.How was Mexico affected by the quota system?
  • Mexico was not affected by this system as well as Canada, this law did not apply to them.

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