Monday, February 25, 2013

New Technology & The 1920s

1)How did the automobile affect America?
-Automobiles affected America because it changed America significantly. It opened many jobs because there was now roads, home garages, gas stations, motels, camp sites, shopping centers, traffic signals, etc.

2)What's urban sprawl, and what caused it?
 -Urban sprawl is when cities spread out in all directions. The reason for urban sprawl is because of cars being created in the 1920's.

3)What was the first use of airplanes NOT during the war?
-The first use of airplanes NOT during the war was a carrying service for the U.S. Post Office.

4)Predict what's going to happen to the American economy.
-I predict Americans economy decreases because cars cost money and being able to go around enables people to spend more money. Also, new inventions were being created to enable people to have an easier life. Although, the new better inventions cost more money.

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