Friday, November 9, 2012

Immigration / lndustrializati​on Key Terms

A).Progressive era- This was a time when the goverment was being cleaned up
B).Muckraker- a journalist  that wrote in popular magizines to cause trouble
C).Social Gospel-  this was a movement that focused on issue of social justice
D).Social Darwinism- belief in success comes from survival of the fittest
E).Americanization- a person becoming and gaining the american values
F).Nativist- choosing people from the country interest over people from out of the country

G).Europe- Bulgaria, Crotia, Czech Republic, Hungray, Poland, Romania, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal
H).Political machine- An organization ran by someone with power
I).Andrew Carnegie-  A scottish-american that built up the steel industry
J).Horizontal/Vertical integration- this is when a business  own everything from beggining to end
K).Urban- a place with more population and technology
L).Upton Sinclair- A american author who was once a canidate for governer of california
M).Meat Inspection Act- a law that makes sure meat is made under clean condition
N).Trust/Monoply- When people that own diffrent compaines meet an change prices/ When someon own one business an owns all business realted
O).Graft- When a politican corrupts something for personal gain
P)Hull Houses-  house  that teaches people from out of this country to operate in america
Q).Jane Addams- a pioneer wokrer who created the hull house in chicago
R).Cesar Chavez- an civil right activist who co-found the national farm worker association
S).Immigration act of 1965- eliminated the quotas that restricted immigration and focused on the families of immigrants. There are many restrictions on visas to 170,000 per year, per country. 
T).Immigrattion- people moving to a country they are not from
U).Alexander Graham Bell- a scientist/engineer  that is credited for the first phone

V).George Eastman- a inventor who found the company who made film to take pictures
W).Thomas Edisoon- a inventor which is famous for the light bulb, and the motion picture camera
X).Henry Bessemer- a English engineer/inventor who is know for improving the process of making steel
Y).Reform- Improving things that are corrupt

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